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The Permanent Garden

Blue and White Flower Bows

Blue and White Flower Bows

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Handmade Bows that can be used year after year in so many ways.
They fit great on baskets, wreaths and even holiday garlands.
Bows come pre tied and can be attached with matching ribbon, twist ties, zip tie, fishing line, pipe cleaners or anything else you can think of. The bows can also be untied and attached if you are comfortable retying it again.
Fabrics are cotton and can be ironed or steamed.
Available in two size options. The measurements are based on how I have tied the bows. They can be adjusted if you prefer longer or shorter tails. Due to hand made nature the measurements may not be exact.
**** Sold Individually **** **** Photos are for example ****
Smaller Bow- Top to bottom 15.75" L, Knot to bottom 13.5" L and Loop to loop 7.5" W
Larger Bow- Top to bottom 20" L, Knot to bottom 18" L and Loop to loop 8.25" W
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